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all the way to the edge of desire
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25th-Jun-2010 06:37 pm - Hiatus
Well I would like to tell everyone that I had an amazing time in Alaska. It was a great cruise and I had so much fun. With that said, I have made a decision that I will be taking a brief hiatus from LJ  for a while. I'm sure this comes as a surprise to no one because I've been so inactive for a month or more. I'm not surprised either because I always go through phases with journals. I want to make it clear that I am not leaving permanently and that I am not deleting my journal. I know I will be back. I just haven't felt like updating recently. But I know will resume updating eventually. 

If you decide to delete me from your friends list (those of you who haven't already), I understand. That's fine... maybe we can start over again when I come back. If you want to keep me on your friends list, I would love that, too. Then we can definitely pick up right where we left off. 

I'm sorry I've been such a bad friend for a while. I figured I owe it to everyone that I at least explain that I will be leaving for a while instead of just not updating and everyone wondering where the hell I went. Hopefully we can keep our friendship, but if not, I wish you all the best! <3

Oh, P.S. for those of you who would like to stay in touch while I'm on hiatus, feel free to add me on Facebook! I'm always on there and I would love to be friends with any one of you. Look me up - Amanda Ferri - my network is Scranton '11 if that helps.
27th-Dec-2009 12:44 pm - Friends Only

Please comment to let me know you added me. It would be nice if we had a few things in common, but it's not necessary.
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